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Youth Athlete Development 
at Rebound Performance Centre


Rebound is leading the way for young athletes.

Bringing a fun, competitive and educational environment for young athlete of all backgrounds.

These classes bring specific focus to training the fundamentals needed to improve overall physical performance. ​


These sessions will introduce your young athlete to the basic movements used on the gym floor, we strip things right back to basics and focus on form and tempo before adding weights to build overall strength!


Strength training is so important for anyone taking part in sports!
Increasing your overall strength will reduce the risk of injury, improve your sporting performance and make you more well-rounded as an athlete 🔥

Form is so important, if you do decide to get your young athletes involved in strength training make sure they're learning correct form through their movements!  


This session works on explosiveness, jump height, speed and agility, helping young athletes to power up their performance.

We take a look at running and jumping mechanics with correct techniques, improving their overall athleticism. 


The goal in these classes are to build a strong foundation to offer a solid base for any sport


This session will look at building your athletes endurance and cardiovascular fitness to make sure they don’t fatigue too quickly in their sports.

These classes will see a mixture of Strength and Plyometric exercises in a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) format, which will improve the young athletes overall fitness levels. 

All sessions will be led by Shannon Byrne,
Shannon is a Sports Therapist and Lecturer, owner of Rebound Injury Clinic & Performance centre.

Under the watchful eye of a sports coach, the young athletes that have taken part in these classes so far have seen fantastic results and improvements. 

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