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What is a Sports Therapist?

A Sports Therapist is a health professional who has completed a Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Sports Therapy. They have the knowledge, ability, and skills to provide immediate care of injuries by assessing, treating and rehabilitating the injury. Sports therapists will provide appropriate techniques such as soft tissue interventions, mobilizations, deep tissue/ sports massage and in some cases dry needling to treat an injury and then implement an appropriate rehabilitation plan for returning to training and/or daily living. This treatment approach allows for full recovery and a reduced risk of re-injury.

Sports therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with prevention of injury and rehabilitation to optimal levels of function. Contrary to common belief, Sports therapists do not work exclusively with athletes but use their treatments in a sport and exercise context to get the best results and optimize performance in sport and everyday life. Sports therapists strive to increase the levels of care provided for sports and recreational patients regardless of ability, level or age.

The Society of Sports Therapists regulates this occupational title and that focuses on 5 key areas of competency related to injury and illness in a sport and exercise environment which are illustrated below. Members are trained and educated in these principles and must meet clearly defined competency levels that gives them the knowledge, skills, and ability to work at all levels of the sport and exercise continuum.

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Written by Shannon Byrne, Sports Therapist.

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