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What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a technique used at Rebound Injury Clinic as part of treating painful muscle knots, known as myofascial trigger point knots. The needles used are 8 times smaller than used for vaccinations, so they generally don’t cause pain worse than the symptoms you are already having. The aim of dry needling is to relieve muscle tightness and pain as well as improving the flexibility of the muscle. It is particularly effective in treating muscles which don’t release well through foam rolling and stretching and with muscles which fatigue fast during exercises training.

Dry needling has been clinically proven to be an extremely useful tool for therapists alongside other manual therapy techniques. A typical treatment lasts 30 minutes and although you may feel some tenderness after the session, you will notice an improvement almost immediately or within 24-48 hours.

Anyone experiencing pain can feel a benefit from dry needling. If you’re an athlete trying to return to sport, or if you just have general muscle stiffness and achiness caused by long hours at the desk, dry needling will have a benefit.

To book in for a sports therapy treatment with dry needling head over to our online booking system or call 0899585213.

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